It, is Amelia, my bougainvillea plant (pictured below).  We decorated our dark wooden balcony back in June with chairs, pillows, lights, a bright orange bench and small, bright orange table/stool, and a hummingbird feeder, we were both excited, and all that was missing were some plants.  

Victim or Warrior

30 September 2016 0 Comments Category: Blog

So if you’ve never been pregnant (and you happen to be me) the only concerns you may have when becoming pregnant are:  morning sickness, stretch marks, that you shouldn’t ride a bike or surf or other fun activities like that, weight gain, and the fact that at some point the baby has to exit through there.  I didn’t “know” there were other concerns.  There’s actually a lot that can happen to you.  And the internet and friend/foe pregnancy books depending on interpretation/application of the information can be to your mental benefit or detriment.  Lol!

But oh buddy, something happened to my lower left back . . . and with perfect timing . . . before the plane ride back to California.

. . . or at least I thought I did.

To get to work by 8:00am the latest I can wake up is 6:15am, to leave the house by 7:15am.  We live 12 miles from where I work, but this is LA, I’ll need 40 – 45 minutes to be on time.  Well last week . . .

Doesn’t everyone.  But just because everyone can pass gas at dinner, doesn’t mean anyone should.  Yes, I know it’s natural, complaining, gas is too, but everything natural isn’t good/necessary.  We live in an apartment, so we walk our dog 2-3 times a day.  And good dogs pee and poop on the grass, magical ones use the toilet.

I didn’t really dream about being a wife when I was a child per say, I just kinda figured I would be.  That role would be mine without question.  This isn’t to say that when I was an adult and dating Mr. Lindsay, I wasn’t dreaming (specifically) of I do’s, proposals, and saying Courtney Lindsay out loud to see how it would sound, etc.,  Lol!  But since 4 or 5, I’ve dreamed of being an actress.  And about a year ago, I discovered a funny error in that.

Memorial day weekend . . . 3 day weekend . . . how did I use that time . . . I had a busy week (we probably almost all say we had a busy week every week, so lets not be surprised) . . .