A 3 year old taught me a life lesson about a year ago.  At the time she couldn’t talk, but she understood everything!  She never misses a beat.  We were sitting together, and I started looking at her.  And thought to myself, “Wow, you never say what you’re going to do, we only know what you want, how you feel, etc., because you just go and do it, you don’t say a word.”

For my friends that know me, I like to talk (hush now, and no comments are needed in agreement to the previous statement lol).

There’s power in silence.

Most people would agree, someone is either committed or not.  Or maybe, committedly cheating.

I’ve cheated on several tests in high school, and dare I say college (y’all know who you are that came to my apartment with laptops…online tests…all turned in within minutes of each other…and the professor didn’t know?  Maybe he/she was hoping we’d collaborate (sounds better than cheating, lets not deceive ourselves)  Yeah okay…moving on).

Something dawned on me while doing my acting work this week.  I was listening to a lecture of Diana Castle’s and she said,

“Many people hold back from investing fully and making full commitments because they’re afraid they might get hurt, disappointed, or rejected.”  She goes on to say, “If you don’t make a full investment all you get back is more of what you know.” 

not invited2

Okay, so I had an opportunity come up, that I wasn’t expecting.  A friend of mine hit me up, saying hey Courtney can you make it to this audition in like 10 minutes, they don’t have enough women…

Um heck yeah!  National commercial, I’m on the way.  I did not know I could put make-up on that fast, and thankfully I oddly had on the appropriate wardrobe (summer dress, due to being behind on laundry, moving on)…

I was not officially invited,


2 July 2015 6 Comments Category: Blog

So…like…NOW!  There’s an incredible amount of pressure to get things done, NOW!  “Reach your goals!” your conscious screams.  And there are hundreds of things to do NOW!  See the problem?  Hundreds of things + NOW = not exactly possible at the same time.  And all of the planned things that need to be done continue mounting up with the daily tasks, company in town, emergencies, and the list continues on.

So lets break this math problem down, first we have a word ALL (so inclusive and exact),