Doors lock at 6:30pm


Our entire lives are made of decisions.  Decisions have consequences (beliefs do too).  When we say yes to something, we’re inevitably saying no to something else.  Yay for not being in the middle of the road.  Recently, I noticed a big motivator in my decision making.

My acting teacher made a decision.He locks the doors at 6:30pm when class starts.  The decision was made so we would respect each other’s time, the agreement we made to work on our craft at a certain time each week, and to not distract or take away from those who were on time.  Now mind you, the consequence shouldn’t have been needed, but…moving along…

I started off great (beginnings are full of enthusiasm; however, consistency and dedication of such enthusiasm is needed).  I was on time and early.  The culture of the class was a little lackadaisical to being prompt, so eventually I allowed others’ decisions to influence my own timeliness.  There didn’t seem to be a consequence for being a few minutes late.  In reality there was, I didn’t know what instruction that could be art/life changing that I was missing, I was sacrificing money I had spent on that time, and I was only gaining maybe 10 minutes of chilling at home.

Then the decision was made, doors lock at 6:30pm. Then I made a decision, I’m in class by 6:15pm.  Miraculous huh?

Being able to see the immediate and long term consequence and/or sacrifice is paramount.

“Do not be deceived: God is not mocked.  A man reaps what he sows.” – Galatians 6:7 

“What you do is as important as what you don’t do.”

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