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Something exciting happened 2 weeks ago, that I wasn’t even expecting.  A short film, “Murphy’s Law,” I worked on, as well as, a webisode series, “The Process,” were screened at the Holly Shorts festival!  Two films at one festival!  Excited!

And to top it off this past Saturday, we went to a screening for another short film, “Raspberry Cream,” that I worked on last October.

All of the roles were different, and every experience was enlightening.

For “Murphy’s Law,” I was a reporter, and literally we shot for approximately 10 minutes.  Sometimes the number of takes you get, can be low!  Make them good, different, and strong.

The web series, “The Process,” was an inspiring experience.  David Hunter Jr. isn’t just dreaming, he’s doing and making his own opportunity, with stories he’s passionate about.  While filming, the lesson of be ready for anything, was taught once again.  They asked me to use a British accent.  Pardon me?  My British accent, was a little rusty.  Breaking it out proved to be a task, I had to gather some courage, confidence, and allow myself to play. The idea of using it was more scary, then actually of doing it.  That being said, I highly doubt they used that take…I’ll be pleasantly surprised and laugh hysterically if they did.

So, although both films were screened at the Holly Shorts, we weren’t able to make it to this festival.

I have bittersweet feelings towards screenings.  The screening we did go to was, “Raspberry Cream.”   Normally, I haven’t seen the footage yet, and I’m about to watch it with an audience of people that I don’t know.  Ahhh, opinions of strangers…did you like my performance?

And STOP!  One of the greatest things I appreciate and am learning on my artistic journey, is to not seek the validation of other’s.  My job is to express, not impress, thank you Diana Castle.  My goal is to tell the story honestly and truthfully; and hopefully that type of storytelling will inspire, change, convict, free, impact and motivate you.  And regardless of how good, bad, pretty, or ugly the outcome is, there’s always something to be learned, and then…it’s a wrap.  And it’s time to start with the first take on another project…ACTION!

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