No Other Option…


Options are a beautiful thing or a horrible circular conversation of, so where do you want to eat?  I don’t know, where do you want to eat?  Repeat and…repeat.

There are more options than ever today from where to eat, to clothes, to mates, careers, Starbucks cups, etc.  Everything is an option.  You don’t like it, change it.  And maybe that’s a problem.  Some things don’t need to change, sometimes it’s me, you, and us, that need to change.  The world rotates for sure, but not around us.

In the midst of all the options there can be indecision, decision fatigue, anxiety, fear, confusion, frustration, and quitting.  I heard that President Obama only wears blue or gray suits.  Why?  He has too many important decisions to make in one day to debate what to wear each morning.

So maybe we should decide when to have options and when to not have options.

A moment that forever changed my perspective came about 3 years ago.  I went to see my mentor a couple of weeks after she had given birth to her first child.  I saw her, and exclaimed, “Oh my gosh you’re already back down to your little self!”  And in complete humility and earnestness, she said, “I didn’t know there was another option.”

I went to a Chinese restaurant that did not have forks!  Well, to my surprise I learned how to use chopsticks quite quickly, and I enjoyed the experience all the more.

What area(s) in your life are you giving yourself an option to quit?

Be resilient, relentless, pray, work, pray some more, persevere, and be victorious.

Have a good day!  Make that an only option.

“Set your mind and keep focused habitually on the things above [the heavenly things], not on things that are on the earth [which have only temporal value]. – Colossians 3:2 AMP

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