Not Invited…officially…

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Okay, so I had an opportunity come up, that I wasn’t expecting.  A friend of mine hit me up, saying hey Courtney can you make it to this audition in like 10 minutes, they don’t have enough women…

Um heck yeah!  National commercial, I’m on the way.  I did not know I could put make-up on that fast, and thankfully I oddly had on the appropriate wardrobe (summer dress, due to being behind on laundry, moving on)…

I was not officially invited, although funny enough, I had submitted for the audition a few days ago.  The casting director did not choose my picture, maybe he/she didn’t have time to look at all the submissions, was only accepting submissions from agents, not looking for ethnically ambiguous, there’s hundreds of reasons, who knows.


So, I do it.  And I’m out of there, back to my day.

And then YAY!  I get a callback.  The people who didn’t officially invite me the first time, invited me back.  After the callback, my agent calls, I’m on avail, which could mean – they’re deciding between someone else and me, they’re checking the dates before they book me, regardless I’m saying yes, I’ll be available to work those days.

Now, my agent hasn’t called me back with a booking yet, no biggie.  He/She may still call.  Avails happen, and don’t always move to booked.  Is it disappointing, um yeah!  Do they call to tell me I’m not on avail anymore, um no there’s no time for that, which means there’s a lot of work happening…so what does that mean…I keep it moving onto the next opportunity.

There is an upside to getting an avail, even if it doesn’t move to booked.  I did something that made them want to see me again, whether it was being polished and put together, to walking in the room confident and relaxed, or we had a nice quick conversation, and we vibed, so he/she would like to be around me for 12+ hours on set.

One thought I did have though, how many opportunities have I missed because I was waiting for an invitation?  You?

Moral of the story stay ready from having to get ready, and show up uninvited, because rarely are people just holding an invitation for your dream, you normally have to knock on doors, get turned away (rejected), and knock on another door, just as confidently as you did the first.

If I book it, I’ll let you know, either way…my faith has had a chance to grow.  Faith believing for that phone call, and faith believing that if I don’t get that phone call, another call will be coming soon for something else.

Don’t wait for an invitation to somewhere you’re suppose to be 😉


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“either way…my faith has had a chance to grow” i really love this part! we tend to get frustrated or discouraged because it does not happen the way we want it to be..but the faith is to have an attitude of “either way.” i think that’s hard but possible. thank you again for your insight!!

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