Sleigh Bells Rang . . .

Christmas was just last week, which means it’s almost 2018 . . .

WHAT?! Everyone freak out!  What the heck did I do this year?!  Last year (2016) I made no resolutions, because I had no idea how to plan for 2017, since we were introduced to our newest family member, Haris Olivia in March 2017.  I wasn’t sure what all would be needed of me in becoming a parent, so I left it open.  Maybe that was the goal, learn to parent…I have a feeling some goals are just continuous.  Like “get in shape,” is followed by “stay in shape.” Lol!  Life is full of construction, maintenance, and new additions.  And that’s good, it keeps us from getting bored and we continue to learn and grow.

A new thing is being birthed in me mentally, which can only come through God’s grace and transition.  It’s a new mindset – when I was 20 I wanted the attitude of a 40 year old woman.  When I would see a 40 year old woman, she seemed to walk differently, so assuredly, confidently, and filling up and owning the space she was in.  And I think I may be approaching that arena finally – thanks Haris, motherhood added something to me.

Forgive me, if I jump around a bit here, I hope it all ties together and makes sense.

A friend of mine recently told me the story of Mohini.  Mohini was a female white tiger given to President Eisenhower.  In short, she was in a 12 x 12 cage awaiting her new expansive lush green sanctuary.  When released everyone was excited with anticipation at how Mohini would run, etc. in all the space.  She didn’t run, she circled in a 12 x 12 space.

My friend, Brittney posed this question, “What’s your 12 x 12 cage?”

I love that question.  It gave me goosebumps.  Who you think you are, isn’t all of who you are.  It’s just part, maybe only 12 x 12.  We’re all the same really…capable of learning and doing anything.  Blank canvases in the beginning, having experiences, learning from our teachers and thus we’re shaped and reshaped.  So what’s stopping you from initiating some reshaping?

As, I said a new mindset is growing and taking root in me.  It’s one where there is no impossible, only possibilities.  That the truth is, I’m bold, a force to be reckoned with, and the goals and dreams set in my heart are there for a reason and within reach.

“I’m looking for better, not best, progress, not perfection.” – Courtney Lindsay (I just quoted myself, shoulder shrug, why not? lol)

So what do you have in mind for 2018 – a new skill set?  A new health goal?  Could you get rid of the medication for your blood pressure?  Is it time to become a home owner?  A new career or maybe a new job?  Maybe take a class at the community college?  Have you ever considered learning a new language?  Will it be easy?  Absolutely not, anytime you’re wanting to grow there seems to be pain involved, sacrifice, change, acceptance and resistance.  But it may be a lot of fun and it may be exciting.  And more than likely your goals aren’t just for you, you’re likely to inspire someone else too.  Happy New Year!  May God bless you in this upcoming year, I hope He surprises your socks off with His grace, and I hope there’s a fire inside of you blazing!  XOXO!

“You do not belong to yourself, be more than I.” – Holy Spirit

“For I am about to do something new. See, I have already begun! Do you not see it? I will make a pathway through the wilderness. I will create rivers in the dry wasteland.” – Isaiah 43:19

“Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things not seen.” – Hebrews 11:1

 “For with God nothing will be impossible.” – Luke 1:37

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Very well articulated, Ms. Courtney! You have truly blossomed into your BEST self – all that you are and all that you hope to become. As you continue to learn and grow in all aspects of life, you are showing and teaching others and myself what happiness and the love of God looks like! I agree that we must continually strive for progress. In the process of working toward our dreams and goals, we find ourselves perfecting our last best efforts! You truly inspire me to stay prayerful, have faith that the Lord will bless and guide us in the right ways – in every aspect of our lives!

Wow, thank you so very much. Your words an encouragement to me and hug to my heart and soul. Thank you, may the Lord bless our socks off, XOXO!

I love this SO MUCH! The 12×12 reference really is perfect. We really limit ourselves all too frequently. God really uses you through your words beautiful. My word of the year is: consistent. And thank you for your encouragement to be my best self this year and break out of my 12×12.

Awe Whitney!!! Trust, I believe you were put in my life to push and expand me outside of my comfortable 12×12…a vlog…Lord…lol! Thank you for shining bright and not hiding your light! XOXO!

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