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There’s a gap between where I am and where I want to be.  I think there’s a gap for most people…in their relationships, fitness goals, education, career, etc.  For a week or so, I was actually feeling ho hum, blah, lack luster, ugh, ya know?  And I couldn’t figure out what was wrong, or off.  Was it something I was or wasn’t doing?  It was both.

We had an artistic meeting and Blair Underwood graced us with his presence.  He spoke (yes, we got to hear/feel his voice in person) about taking action, not waiting, doing something.

As an artist, we can spend a lot of time waiting.  Going to class to deepen our craft, reading books, working on scenes for no one in particular to see, auditioning, and putting a lot of hours in and then…wait…to be seen by someone, hired by someone, etc. While we need casting directors, writers, agents, other actors, crew, etc., we do not have to give someone else the power or responsibility of our career.

Faith is believing in the unseen, all that time and work is faith.  God willing, the fruit will come.

Waiting is part of the areas of life, life takes time.  But I was just…waiting…for how long?  For who?  For what story?  What opportunity?  And I was feeling down.  Solution…do something!

I read a play that struck me, so why not produce it?

Fear says, because you’ve never produced a play before.  And I say, “True, but at some point everyone who does something must have been doing it for their first time.”  Fear says, “You’ll make mistakes.”  I say, “I will ask others with more experience to help minimize the mistakes, and the mistakes I do make, I will learn from.”  Fear says, “Don’t put it out there that you want to do it, you may not follow through.”  And my response is and must be, “All things are possible through Christ, Who strengthens me.” – Phil 4:13

Now, STOP!

I have to back up, because there’s one huge question I need to include…”God do you want me to produce this play?”  I must include God in planning, to not do so, would be futile and foolish.

Bridging the gap:  little by little is how you eat a whole elephant, daily steps and disciplines, resources (books, businesses, classes, people, money, etc.), patience, good attitude, lots of prayer, give yourself some grace, and punch fear in the face.

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  • December 11, 2015 at 4:04 am

    This literally and honestly motivated me … Seriously #Fearless


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