When the going gets good . . .


So when things are going really good . . . what then?  Bliss?  It’s kind of easy to lean that way, especially, if you’ve been grinding . . .

Happiness is based on happenings” – Bishop Ulmer

So, as I was having this blissful moment, the Holy Spirit, reminded me . . . those are great blessings, but even good things are tests.

Now, life is not always rainbows, nor is it always storms.  In fact, it seems that it’s more simultaneous, a giving and pulling.  And when you’ve been fighting and working for a while, and the wind catches in your sail, it’s easy to want to rest, and take a break, pop some champagne and think you’ve arrived.  You’re still in the ocean, and there’s much work to be done.  Too far to go back, and too far from the other side to stop.

Even good things can be a distraction to the very things you were working on before the good things surprised you.  There’s sowing, and reaping, and a time for everything.  Continue to sow.  I’m not talking about exhaustion (always do your best to balance), I’m talking about remaining focused, and there’s different ways and places to sow (someone else maybe, the mind, pay more attention to physical health, etc).

Take a step in success, celebrate and appreciate, but keep on stepping.

“Watch and pray so that you will not fall into temptation.  The spirit is willing, but the flesh is weak.” – Matthew 26:41

It’s easy to press the cruise control and coast, instead I urge myself and you to keep the momentum going.  Like a train, pick up speed and stay on track, it’s hard to stop a train with momentum.  These good things are a push forward, not a couch to settle on.

“Momentum is a moving force that overcomes resistance.” – Harold Herring  (David & Goliath)

Go into the video about 1 minute & 5 seconds…impressed.

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