Is my mind messing with me…


Is my mind messing with me?

Am I living to dream or dreaming to live?

So much conflict and controversy

Changing like the waves, moving like the wind

Time keeps going, and the earth keeps changing,

but society stays the same

Always asking the same question,

what’s best for me?

Opinions, instagram likes, worthless metals, medals,

different clothing materials and make up minerals

no longer validate me.

No longer define me

because you didn’t make me

So why am I so angry?

because I see the same lies persecute, penetrate & prosecute

people just like me

Begging to be free,

to inhale without your chest collapsing,

to drive without feeling all the pressures & fears of your life

actually happening

To wake up from the nightmare

that fear is constantly giving

Who made these paths, roads & highways full of doubt,

that all end in a dead end anyway?

Am I dreaming to live or living to dream?

Live Free,

It’s me, Courtney D

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