Are you comfortable?

It’s been said there will never be a revolution in America, because we’re all too comfortable.  How are comfortable are you?  Sure you may want more money in your bank account, or to have or do, this or that.  But are you too comfortable to change?  Or maybe to scared?  So who are you?Read More

#OscarsSoWhite #SoMuchMissedOpportunity

I thought about writing or not writing a post about the Oscars, the boycott, etc.  To possibly offend or to not offend.  To not post would be giving into fear and the current societal pressure of ‘everything’s okay, and alright, don’t rock the boat, everyone gets a trophy,’ hmmm, apparently not.Read More

Fireworks & New Year’s Kisses!

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It’s that time of the year!  Parties, goodies, traditions, and planning for the next year! Tears of jubilation at how great the year was or tears of relief that it’s over! The end of the year use to be a big deal to me, and it’s always been bittersweet, but it’s no longer a time…Read More
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