I have a complaint . . .

Doesn’t everyone.  But just because everyone can pass gas at dinner, doesn’t mean anyone should.  Yes, I know it’s natural, complaining, gas is too, but everything natural isn’t good/necessary.  We live in an apartment, so we walk our dog 2-3 times a day.  And good dogs pee and poop on the grass, magical ones use the…Read More

Are you comfortable?

It’s been said there will never be a revolution in America, because we’re all too comfortable.  How are comfortable are you?  Sure you may want more money in your bank account, or to have or do, this or that.  But are you too comfortable to change?  Or maybe to scared?  So who are you?Read More

Effective AND/OR Efficient

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The first full week of January 2016 is off and running, and occasionally I’m still writing 2015 on things. Lol!  Monday was efficient and productive.  I was laser focused, task and time oriented!  I mean I felt like I was killing it.  Surprised and praising God for new changes and discipline; however, I heard that small…Read More
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