I (think) it’s dead . . .

It, is Amelia, my bougainvillea plant (pictured below).  We decorated our dark wooden balcony back in June with chairs, pillows, lights, a bright orange bench and small, bright orange table/stool, and a hummingbird feeder, we were both excited, and all that was missing were some plants.  Read More

The Price of Contentment

I recall sidewalk chalk, Polly Pocket, some sticks and rocks to make a pretend fire, caterpillars, clouds drifting in the sky, a good story, a hug from my Mom or Dad, the smell of french toast cooking, and singing made up songs, all equaled contentment, what else could there be?Read More

Thursday evening…slipping into night…

I felt stumped, hence the late post.  I’ve been walking writer’s block since Monday like I own it.  There are drafts of different beginnings, but not fully developed, so no point in posting.  Sounds like doubt, but trust I’m fighting.  It’s 9pm ish, and I’m ready for bed, but my to-do list is looking at…Read More

Big Things in the Dark & Little Big Stuff

We went to Red Rock Canyon a couple of weeks ago, and had an amazing time!  It was absolutely beautifully breathtaking.  We hiked and played on the Red Rock, and breathed in the beauty and fresh air.  And my good friend and actress, Hayley, gave me a shoe rack yesterday.  That’s not a typo, that was…Read More

Drawing a Hungry Blank

I’m drawing a blank almost.  A lot happened this week that has influenced and challenged me; however, I find words escape me or I’m unsure of how to wrap what’s happening inside me into words. A friend gave me a beautiful gift, a stamped pendent necklace.  “God will not have His work made manifest by cowards.”…Read More
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