Dreaming to be or I am . . .

I didn’t really dream about being a wife when I was a child per say, I just kinda figured I would be.  That role would be mine without question.  This isn’t to say that when I was an adult and dating Mr. Lindsay, I wasn’t dreaming (specifically) of I do’s, proposals, and saying Courtney Lindsay out loud to…Read More

Draw the Line

Remember when Rufio in the movie, “Hook,” drew the line between those who believed Peter Pan (Robin Williams) was Pan, and those who didn’t believe he was.  Choices were made (even with doubts), and there wasn’t an in-between.  Certain things, habits, people, etc., belong in certain spaces and/or times.  I had been allowing my day job (the school)…Read More

It’s Possible

When I was little, I had dreams of being in the olympics, you should’ve seen my landing, arch back, and bow to the judges.  My Dad even took the swings off of our swing set so I could practice.  In that gymnastics gym, I learned two life lessons from not being allowed to say the word…Read More

The Price of Gas

She’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes, she’ll be coming around the mountain when she comes . . . Guys, I have a confession, and it’s going to sound pretty silly and absent minded.  Bear with me, and yep that’s proper grammar, and not in reference to an actual bear like Yogi, who…Read More

Idealist Realist

Is it that the idealist dreams, and always hopes for more, And that the realist accepts things as they are, and continually moves forward? Now of the two, which is living? One chasing, one settling, both could be depressing without contentment. Which is the way to live? Can one be a realist in a constantly changing reality? Can one be...Read More
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