Where Am I? – Part 2

For a long time I had been feeling frustrated and unfulfilled artistically, mainly because I’m not as successful as I want to be yet.  And if I’m honest, I was allowing my emotions of frustration to surpass and trip up my efforts for progression.  It’s hard to be at odds within yourself and expect momentum…Read More

#OscarsSoWhite #SoMuchMissedOpportunity

I thought about writing or not writing a post about the Oscars, the boycott, etc.  To possibly offend or to not offend.  To not post would be giving into fear and the current societal pressure of ‘everything’s okay, and alright, don’t rock the boat, everyone gets a trophy,’ hmmm, apparently not.Read More

Big Things in the Dark & Little Big Stuff

We went to Red Rock Canyon a couple of weeks ago, and had an amazing time!  It was absolutely beautifully breathtaking.  We hiked and played on the Red Rock, and breathed in the beauty and fresh air.  And my good friend and actress, Hayley, gave me a shoe rack yesterday.  That’s not a typo, that was…Read More
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